We have moved! The new MAPA website is now located at a shorter URL, www.mapa.my This URL (www.mapa.org.my) will now be maintained as a redirect to the new site. As you will notice, we have a new website installed and as a result of the data transfer, all passwords have been reset for security purposes. What you need to do! 1. Proceed to www.mapa.my 2. Click on the “Request Password” button 3. Enter your MH Mail address in full (memoid@malaysiaairlines.com)* 4. Follow the instructions given to you in your MH Mail. *Note: For ATC, DCA and Associate Members, enter your private email address. You will still need to follow the instructions above to obtain your new password. Malaysia Airlines Pilots’ Association, MAPA That’s it! For any feedback / suggestions / problems, you may contact the office at fza@mapa.org.my. - MAPA IT Team